Simon Marcus (Ep.41) – Founder & CEO,

February 12, 2019

Had a wonderful time speaking with the Founder & CEO of the up and coming Podcasting platform called Pippa. I’ve been thrilled with the platform and ease-of-use and wanted to pry deeper into Simon’s journey and background and why he decided to start this company. Very intriguing episode and really showcases the fact that as long as you keep working hard in life and being curious that doors and opportunities can open.

About Simon:

Originally from South Africa, Simon is persistently curious: he came to NYC to attend NYU for grad school in philosophy, then completed studies in math and finance, before leaving the classroom to pursue his passion for media and technology. Simon is an analytically driven leader with experience at TED, the Clinton Global Initiative, and K2 Intelligence.

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Dr. Sean Pastuch (Ep.40) – Founder, Active Life RX

February 5, 2019

Had a blast in Episode 40 chatting with Dr. Sean Pastuch about his journey in fitness, being a Chiropractor, going into Personal Training, and growing his business successfully over the last several years. Sean absolutely brings it in this episode and provides a ton of advice around fitness, business, and personal growth. Can’t wait for you all to listen in!

About Dr. Sean Pastuch

Dr. Sean Pastuch, DC, grew up around the fitness, health, and wellness industry. And when he graduated Chiro school, he ended up opening a clinic and a CrossFit gym. He didn’t want to be that Chiro who tells you, “You need to this exercise and be on “X” program.” Then, pat you on the back and say see you next week.

He works with people and athletes, who don’t want to deal with pain and injury anymore. And at the same time, don’t want to stop their training or don’t want to keep modifying their workouts every time there’s a workout that has overhead movements.

With hands-on experience running a gym that does functional movements and treating people with injuries or previous injuries, which surface from having to move functionally, Sean started getting busier. And because of his unique approach he also started getting requests from clients that used to see him but moved to another city asking for workout programs.

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Active Life RX website

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Ryan Walsh (Ep.39) – Founder, RepVue

January 30, 2019

Had a great time on episode 39 speaking with the Founder of RepVue, Ryan Walsh, about his journey from his college days at UNC and early career to how he helped grow ChannelAdvisor to become a couple hundred million dollar company and publicly traded. His insights into sales and business are spot on and it was refreshing to hear his views on these topics and more.

About Ryan Walsh:

RepVue’s founder and CEO, Ryan Walsh, has spent nearly two decades selling, leading sales teams, and mentoring sales professionals. Prior to founding RepVue, Ryan ran a successful consulting practice helping companies optimize the mechanics of repeatable revenue businesses, with a keen focus on architecting scalable sales engines for early to mid-stage cloud-based software companies.

Previously, Ryan spent over 17 years as an operator and executive, most recently as chief revenue officer for SaaS e-commerce software company ChannelAdvisor. Ryan was the primary architect of the revenue engine and chief sales leader from 2010 to 2017, during which time the company’s annual revenues grew from $40M to $112M. This growth directly resulted in a successful IPO in 2013

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RepVue Website:


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Jinny Oh (Ep.38) – Founder, WANDR

January 22, 2019

Episode 38 features our first “Digital Nomad” on the Podcast in Entrepreneur Jinny Oh. Jinny is the Founder of WANDR and travels all over the world to explore the endless possibilities that are out there as well as continue her mission to grow her company WANDR. We get into some great discussions about how she has scaled her company, leadership, remote employees, and of course about traveling!

About Jinny Oh

Hi, I’m Jinny—an entrepreneur who’s lived, studied and traveled around the world. My passion for exploring led me to a digital nomad lifestyle, from which I built a multi-million dollar business in product design and strategy. From features like Forbes to speaking engagements, and as a startup advisor—I owe it all to the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met while working remote and traveling the world.

In 2016, I started WANDR to empower startup founders with better user experiences. Since then, we’ve launched over 250 brands and worked with several Fortune 500 companies to re-shape their product strategy. Below are some of the clients I’ve worked with.

I currently serve as an equity partner for Partner.lyTrendi and KaptionThis, which I’ve helped build, launch and/ or advised.

In October 2017, I found myself energized with a growing online audience. When my LinkedIn Post on “sacrifice as a founder” reached over 20 million views, it led to countless opportunities. I’ve since traveled nationally and globally for speaking engagements and podcast interviews on topics such as Design Innovation, Designing User Experiences, My Journey as an Entrepreneur, Life of an LinkedIn Influencer, and more!

I packed up for my first solo trip at sixteen years old. I’ve since traveled to over 40 countries, lived in 5 countries, and fluently speak 3 different languages. I travel to discover new cultures, and challenge my creativity along the way. Some of my favorite places include: Colombia, Greece, China, Iceland, Spain, and Indonesia.

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Remote CEOs Podcast (Coming in early 2019):

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Max Friedman (Ep.37) – Co-Founder | CEO

January 15, 2019

On Episode 37 I get to sit down with the Co-Founder and CEO of a really neat Start-up,

Max Friedman is a sharp young entrepreneur and sprinkles in many highlight moments in this episode when speaking about how first job, how his team delegates work, advice for those wanting to start something, and much more. It’s refreshing to hear the perspective from someone this young and it’s powerful advice for folks of all ages.

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Website –

Email –

Linkedin –

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Tisha Abrea and Nikki B (Ep.36) – Founders, FOREher Sports

January 8, 2019

Episode 36 features the Founders of the new Foreher Sports which helps connect, educate, and inspire women on & off the golf course.

Ya’ll are going to love the dialogue in this episode and some of the fun we get into with Tisha and Nikki B around their friendship, partnership, reaching outside their comfort zone, and much more.

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Twitter: @foreher_co

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Instagram: @tishaalyn

Twitter: @Tisha_All_In

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Instagram: @nikkibgolf

Twitter: @nikkibgolf

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Haley Hoffman Smith (Ep.35) – Author, Her Big Idea | Director of Community at NextGen

December 31, 2018

Episode 35 is on fire with Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Director of Community at NextGen, Hayley Hoffman Smith. Hayley brings a tremendous amount of insight into this episode and shares her early journey with starting a non-profit organization, writing books, and helping build a community of entrepreneurs.

About Hayley:

Haley Hoffman Smith is the author of Her Big Idea, a book on creativity, ideation, and women’s empowerment which debuted as a Top 3 Bestseller in Women & Business. She is a regular keynote speaker who recently spoke at Harvard, Yale, Microsoft, SoGal Ventures, and more. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Washington Examiner, and writes for Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. A recent Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University, she wrote her honors thesis on how women develop their sense of self agency in entrepreneurship and venture capital. She is also the founder of the Her Big Idea Fund in partnership with Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, which awards grants to women who apply with BIG ideas. Having founded an international nonprofit for girls’ literacy and empowerment at age 18, she has harnessed her own self agency to surpass doubt surrounding her age and gender.

She is the Director of Community for Next Gen Summit, the premier entrepreneurship community of 5,000+ members, and sincerely enjoys consulting and connecting with other entrepreneurs. She cares deeply about identifying and obliterating the limits women feel in the pursuit of their ventures, so they may live in their full power and create their own BIG ideas.

Find Haley Online:



Couple shout-outs on the episode:

New Degree Press where she worked with them to publish her book-

Link to her book, Her Big Idea ->

Books she’d recommend:

Grit by Angela Duckworth

The Creative Curve by Allen Gannett

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Stephanie Newcomb (Ep.34) – Founder, UnleashedHF

December 26, 2018

Had a fun time speaking to Stephanie and understanding the path to her success and what keeps her ticking day in and day out. This gal has a great head on her shoulders and is head down in health and nutrition not only for herself but for her family and clients as well. Excited to see how she continues to push the envelope with her business and help people get in the best shape of their lives!

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a personal trainer and health coach based in Little Rock, AR. She is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach with a passion for helping others learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

For Stephanie, exercise has always been her go-to “cure” for anything from sleepless nights to a bad mood. She firmly believes endorphins is the best medicine you can give your body—That and healthy, nutritious foods, of course.

As a wife and mom of 3 boys, setting a good example in terms of health has always been one of Stephanie’s top priorities. She strives to create healthy meals for her family every day and often shares her recipes on her blog. Even if her clients are solely there to exercise, Stephanie always talks to them about their diet before training even begins.

No matter what fitness level you are, Stephanie is eager and ready to help. She says the most important thing is to “just start.” As a personal trainer, Stephanie likes to keep her work outs fresh, so expect a variety of HITT, weight training, endurance training and Tabata.

Stephanie believes that health looks different on everyone, and that “God created us all in different shapes and sizes,” hence why she creates personalized plans for each and every client. She truly loves encouraging and pushing her clients to show them that they can do it and can achieve their goals no matter how high they’re set.

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CrossFit Journey – 2018 Year in Review

December 24, 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for my health and fitness and I couldn’t have done it without the help of CrossFit.  The goals I set at the beginning of the year have been met and I am excited for the next chapter in my fitness journey come 2019.

2018 was a great testament that consistency wins.  I certainly didn’t see the big gains out of the box but after months and months of consistent hard work, reshaping my nutrition, and seeking out valuable advice, I was able to improve dramatically and reach new PRs along with become more technically savvy with some of the complex moves.

A couple notes to bookmark for the year end:


1 RM Split Jerk – 135 lbs (12-16-18)

1 RM Clean – 145 lbs (12-12-18)

1 RM OHS – 100 lbs (12-10-18)

1 RM Deadlift
– 307 lbs (12-20-18)
– 300 LBs (9-20-18)

1 RM Front Squat
– 175 Lbs (12-16-18)

1 RM Back Squat
– 200 Lbs (Nov)
– 170 lbs (7-9-18)

5 RM Back Squat
– 165 lbs (12-18-18)
– 135lbs (4-16-18)

Strict Pull-ups
– 8 (7-9-18)

14 LB Wall Ball – 8:19 (12-23-18)

14 LB Wall Ball – 9:20 (July)

14 LB Wall Ball – 9:40 (May)

I have some sights on huge gains next year but overall it’s that my body and mind are in the best position they can be in to crush each day.  I think that is the overall motivation so when I continue to age my body doesn’t break down and limit me.  That’s one of the big things that keeps me driving forward.

What about you?

Hope you all have written down your goals for 2019, both long and short term, and are focused to achieving them.

Have a great new year and start to 2019!



Nick Shaw (Ep.33) – CEO and Founder, RP Strength

December 18, 2018

Episode 33 features Founder and CEO of RP Strength, Nick Shaw. I had a blast learning about Nick’s journey and how he realized at an early age through high school athletics the importance of consistency was to achieving tremendous improvements in his overall athletic performance. Loving training and performance along with some serendipity led Nick to meet his Co-Founder and it’s been a steady trajectory upward since. It didn’t come without hurdles or many years of patience and Nick shares some of the early days of RP Strength and how they were able to scale and achieve the success they’ve found today.

About Nick:

Nick is the Founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization, a training and diet services company for world-class athletes. Nick is also a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder and has had the opportunity to work with numerous national level physique athletes as well as world class strength athletes. Nick holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan in Sport Management. Nick currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two kids.

As part of our team of coaches, Renaissance Periodization has 20 PhD’s in the fields of Sport Physiology, Sport Performance, Sports Nutrition and even Cellular/Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Nutritional Physiology. The RP team also has 7 Registered Dietitians on staff. Their combined knowledge is unrivaled in the industry, combining the academic credentials with world class athletes as the foundation of their company. Renaissance has worked with several all-time world record holders in raw powerlifting, Olympians, international medalists in weightlifting, multiple American record holders in weightlifting, several National Champions in weightlifting, as well as a large number of CrossFit Games athletes (including individual men and women, teams, and Master’s athletes) not to mention tens of thousands of everyday men and women looking to get into better shape.

Find Nick Online:

Personal Instagram –

RP Strength Instagram –

RP Strength Website –

Link to their eBook – The Renaissance Diet 2.0

About the Host:

It’s hard to write these things about yourself but I’m just a very curious guy that wants to learn as much as I can about the world and the people in it. With a new found motivation many years ago to achieve certain goals and push beyond status quo, I wanted to speak with people that were breaking out of their comfort zones and try to capture how they were doing it and what insight could be shared to help others. I hope you all will continue along on the journey with me and share any feedback you have.

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