My Now Page

This is my “Now” page inspired by the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast I listened to with Derek Sivers. I’ll be posting periodic updates of what’s happening in my life in case my mom needed something more real-time.

Spring / 2019

What an incredible year it has been so far and a ton accomplished both personally and professionally.

A couple things to note:


Many may know I’m sort of a CrossFit junkie at the moment. I’ve accomplished my goal of gaining 30 lbs and hitting 200 LBS on the scales! Most has been muscle growth and it has made me achieve many new fitness PRS (Personal Records). As an example, just recently I hit a 1-Rep Max Back Squat of 230 LBS. When I started CrossFit 15 months ago I could maybe do 125 LBS and needed the assistance of plates under my heels!


We just hit into the 50 episode range on the Just Get Started Podcast and have a whole slew of new guests recorded and ready to launch. The amount of learning and discovery this journey has taken me on has been incredible. Look for more episodes to launch consistently over the next few months as well as some of my new “One Mic” sessions where it is just me and the Mic!

My Full-Time Paying Gig:

I just hit my 1-year anniversary at Dude Solutions and love working with our Local Government partners to give them the best technology to help improve their lives and the lives of their citizens. We have a tremendous amount of experience and wisdom in our Leadership “Stable” and I’ve been taking the opportunity more recently to sit down and learn from these folks on how to make myself better as well as the company. Glad to be a Dude!

Hope you are doing great in your own way and trying to figure out this vast world in a way that leads you to fulfillment.

Until next time…

Carpe Diem!